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Exceptional Leave Request Form

If you would like to make a request for exceptional leave of absence for your child, please pick up a form from the school office or download and complete the form below, and email it to

Under current regulations schools have the discretion to grant leave for exceptional circumstances only.


Parents/carers are not entitled to remove children from school for holidays. If a parent feels there are  exceptional circumstances leave of absence must be applied for by filling in the request form, and the decision to authorise absence for leave rests entirely with the Head teacher and governors who will follow the Local Authority and school policy. Wherever possible you should not take leave during term time. If there is no alternative a valid reason must be given.




Leave will only be authorised where there are exceptional circumstances which are unavoidable.  When schools are considering exceptional term time leave requests, the following factors may be taken to help the school to reach a decision:


  • Time of the academic year when the leave has been requested
  • Duration of the absence – number of school days being missed
  • The child’s current attendance and punctuality rate
  • Child’s progress to date
  • Whether the reason is an exceptional circumstance
  • Exceptional Term time leave requested/taken in previous academic years for a similar purpose
  • Whether parent/carers have considered limiting the amount of time the child would be absent from school e.g.   wrapping around school holiday
  • Have alternative care arrangements been considered by the parent/carer to limit the time away from school
  • Impact on any interventions, assessments or referrals being undertaken with the child or family e.g. family support, social care assessments, CAMHS, SEN
  • The impact that the absence will have on the child.


Schools may delete from roll a pupil who fails to return within 10 school days of the agreed return date unless there is very good reason for the continued absence and the school is kept informed.


If parents/carers take their children on holiday during term time for 5 or more consecutive days and this is not authorised by the School, they can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (Holiday Fine).


We hope these notes are useful to you. The full policy and  leaflets can be found below.