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Chair of Governors

Chair of Governors 1 Mr S Middleton

Parent/Carer Governors

Parent/Carer Governors 1 Dr C Reeve
Parent/Carer Governors 2 Prof D Coca
Parent/Carer Governors 3 Mrs J Askew

Staff Representatives

Staff Representatives 1 Mrs S Jackson (Head Teacher NGJS)
Staff Representatives 2 Ms M Giblin
Staff Representatives 3 Mrs L Stringer
Staff Representatives 4 Mr J Huson

Community Governors

Community Governors 1 Mrs D Bollom
Community Governors 2 Mr S Middleton
Community Governors 3 Mr S Jones

Associate Governors

Associate Governors 1 Mrs A Thorlby, Deputy Head Teacher NGJS
Associate Governors 2 Ms J Jones, Deputy Head Teacher, Broomhill Infants

This is a list of the school's Governing Body members.



Mr S Middleton 


Parent/Carer Representatives 

Dr C Reeve 

Mrs J Askew  

Prof D Coca 

Ms Dawn Bates


Staff Representatives 

Mrs S Jackson (Head teacher NGJS)

Ms M Giblin

Mrs L Stringer

Mr J Huson


Local Education Authority (L.E.A) Governors



Community Governors

Mrs D Bollom (Governor for Educational Visits, Governor for Attendance, Chair of Premises Committee)

Mr S Middleton (Chair, Governor for Looked After Children)

Mr S Jones


Associate Governors

Jo Jones ( Broomhill Infant School)

Abi Thorlby (Deputy Head Teacher NGJS)

Lucy Hawkins (Head Teacher NGIS)




Governors can be contacted via the school office or email