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Emphasis is placed on the development of a love of music and an interest in different styles of music making.  As well as covering the National Curriculum all children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and take part in the various musical ensembles.  Lessons to learn musical instruments at school are organised by the Sheffield Music Service, for which there is a charge.  The school has a large orchestra, a wind band, clarinet choir and flute choir.  All children are expected to take part in our choirs.  There is a Y3/4 choir, a Y5 choir and a Y6 choir.  The choirs perform regularly throughout the year supporting the performances which take place.


Drama can be a useful way of developing children’s speaking and listening skills, and work is linked with English and topic work and is used to good effect throughout the school, particularly in our History work.  Whether it be a performance of a Greek play, “hot-seating” as a Tudor monarch, or imagining life in Victorian times by enacting a typical school day, we try to help the children experience life as it might have been in past times.  Throughout the school the children have the opportunity to take part in the various performances which take place during the year.  These range from class assemblies and individual ‘talent shows’ to fairly large scale productions.  Some children also have the opportunity to participate in a drama club extending the children’s skills.