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The New National Curriculum at Nether Green Junior School


This is a new section on our website.  More information will be added as it becomes available.


The new National Curriculum was introduced from September 2014.  At Nether Green teachers are now planning topics which draw skills and knowledge from a range of subjects together in an engaging and stimulating way.  This allows children to see links between subjects and most importantly identify the relevance of different skills and subject knowledge within the real World. The topics will vary in length and will last between 1-6 weeks.  These can be found on the whole-school curriculum plan.


Maths and English will continue to be taught discretely, but wherever possible and appropriate in the context of the topic. For example year 5 are planning a maths problem solving day based on their Netherlands topic.  The specific details and objectives of Maths and English are being developed term by term as we adopt the changes.


Underpinning all of the children’s learning and experiences are three curriculum drivers that will help the development of your child beyond the National Curriculum. These are:  Enrichment (e.g. the arts, sport, learning beyond the class room, learning through engagement and hands on experiences), Collaborative skills ( e.g. team work, speaking and listening, problem solving) and Citizenship (e.g. tolerance, mutual respect for all, our school community, the environment, living in modern Britain).


Children will be learning about these from their class teachers and in assemblies over the next term and will be recurrent in all their learning.