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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Our Staff


Mrs S Jackson - Headteacher (and Child Protection Liaison Officer)

Mrs A Thorlby - Deputy Headteacher


Miss S Brookes - Y6 Teacher

Mrs R Kirby - Y6 Teacher

Mrs D Kerry - Y6 Teacher

Mr K Lomas - Y6 Teacher (Senior Management)


Mrs L Stringer - Y5 Teacher

Miss Rodgers - Y5 Teacher

Mr J Huson - Y5 Teacher


Mrs A Handley - Y4 Teacher

Mr M Hancock - Y4 Teacher

Mrs J Charlesworth - Y4 Teacher

Mr M Lever - Y4 Teacher


Mrs C Pickering - Y3 Teacher (Senior Management)

Miss A Hubbard - Y3 Teacher

Mrs E Price - Y3 Teacher

Mrs J Pickles - Y3 Teacher


Mrs R Wilcox - Spanish Teacher


Mrs L Hall - Head of Integrated Resource (IR)


Mrs J Houfe - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator



Ms M Giblin - Learning Mentor / Teaching Assistant

Miss H Glossop - Teaching Assistant linked with IR

Mrs A Cantrill - Higher Level Teaching Assistant linked with IR

Mrs J Crawshaw - Teaching Assistant linked with IR

Mrs K White - Teaching Assistant linked with IR

Miss J Knowles - Teaching Assistant linked with IR



Mrs K Shaw - Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Sime - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Nunn - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Lindley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Middleton - Teaching Assistant

Ms J Park - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Gregory - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Kenning - Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Kendall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Hinchliffe - Teaching Assistant

Miss G Barnes -Teaching Assistant


Mrs K Jow - Clerical Officer

Miss S Stiles - Clerical Officer / PA to Headteacher

Mrs D Mather - Clerical Officer

Mrs J Bidder - Whole School Assistant

Miss A Brice - Whole School Assistant

Mr G Fidler - Buildings Officer


Mrs J Butler - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs V Gibbons - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Stowers - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Bagshaw - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L King - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Johnson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Osman - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms L Hulme - Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs C Sanella - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Khan - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss S Parwaiz - Lunchtime Supervisor