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Welcome to Year 3!


Our trip to Creswell Crags

Our trip to Creswell Crags 1
Our trip to Creswell Crags 2
Our trip to Creswell Crags 3
Our trip to Creswell Crags 4
Our trip to Creswell Crags 5
Our trip to Creswell Crags 6
Our trip to Creswell Crags 7
Our trip to Creswell Crags 8
Our trip to Creswell Crags 9



This year Mrs Pickering, Mrs Meller, Mrs Price and Mrs Pickles will be teaching in Year 3 and will be supported by Mrs Sime, and Mrs McLeavy.


In addition to the Y3 Guide for Parents/Carers which gives an outline of the curriculum, we give more details about what your child is learning in weekly home support task sheets.



Regular half termly assessments are carried out in English and Maths to help us track the pupils and plan the next steps for their learning.  The outcomes of these will be shared with you at parent evenings but you can always talk to the class teacher and ask about your child’s progress.

The whole assessment process is in the process of being reviewed following government directives.  Our school is participating with most Sheffield Schools to develop the way forward for assessing children against the new expectations.  Further information will follow as we move to the new system.



Y3SM will have P.E on Tuesday and Thursday

Y3CP will have P.E on Monday and Friday

Y3PP will have P.E on Tuesday and Thursday


Proposed Visits and Events for 2018/ 2019

The following are a summary of the main trips and visits we hope to undertake during Y3.  This is not a final list and may be subject to change due to lack of voluntary donations or other factors we cannot be aware of.  We always aim to enrich the curriculum by taking opportunities presented to us throughout the year.


Ancient Egyptian day / bread making - Autumn 1 

Cresswell Crags - Spring 1 

Botanical Gardens - Summer 1 

Poole’s Cavern - Summer 2  

Endcliffe Park Family Picnic - Summer 2 



As part of the schools philosophy we offer opportunities for the children to experience a variety of events throughout the year.  Below are some of the events which your child will participate in.  We hope you will offer your support to help them do this.


Autumn Fayre – Autumn 1

Parent visits to the classroom – Autumn 2

Children's Show – Autumn 2

Christmas Carol Concert – Autumn 2

Writing competitions – at different times of the year

Y3/4 Production – Spring 2

Easter competitions – Spring 2

Easter Bonnet Parade – Spring 2

Summer Music Concert – Summer 2

Sports Day – Summer 2


Enrichment Activities

In line with our curriculum drivers we have a session on Friday afternoon in which the children are involved in what we have called Enrichment Activities.  All children will have the chance to participate and will make choices on a rotational basis.  We have tried to involve the children in the ideas for the groups and also linked them with activities we are involved in as a school, for example football and cross country.  We have also tried to ensure a good mix of activities with a focus of enjoyment and learning.  All children will have the opportunity to participate and join in.


Extra-Curricular Activities

A variety of clubs and activities are offered throughout the year.  As your child progresses through the school, more opportunities will become available.  In school activities are announced during assembly or by your child’s class teacher.  Letters will be sent home about all after and before school activities.