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Wednesday 23rd September 2020


In English today, we wrote postcards to say thank you to our parents for all of the kind things that they do for us. We are certainly very grateful for all of the help and love our parents show us.

In maths, we carried on with our working on using 'more than' and 'less than' to describe groups of objects or numbers.

This afternoon, we went on the IPads and learnt about how we can be safe when we use the internet. To finish off our day, we had a (wet) PE session outside where we practised our  throwing and catching skills.



Tuesday 22nd September 2020


We started our day with another reading of our story. In English, we made giant posters and wrote sentences about what we like about other children in our class. It was great to give each other complements! In maths, some of us played a number matching domino games. The rest of us carried on looking at how we can use the maths vocabulary of 'bigger and smaller' and 'more and less'.

This afternoon, we learnt some new Makaton signs to say complements to others. We finished off our day with a fun PE session in the sports hall.


Monday 21st September 2020


It's a new week and what a lovely day we've had with most of our children back with us!

We started off the day by reading our book for this week; 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?'. Following this, in English we talked about what we can do to be 'bucket fillers' and what being a 'bucket dipper' looks like. In maths, lots of us explored the vocabulary 'more than' and 'less than' to compare groups of objects.

This afternoon, we made our own kindness buckets which we will be filling throughout the week with all of the kind acts we have done.






Friday 18th September 2020


We began our day with our last look at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To follow, in English we were assessed on our reading and spelling of the first 100 high frequency words or letter sounds of the alphabet. In maths, we enjoyed consolidating our learning from the week by getting the IPads out and playing counting games.

This afternoon, we had a Life Skills lesson where we talked about different emotions and assigned them colours. Happy was green, anger was red, feeling silly was yellow and feeling sad was blue. We then added our faces to a display in the classroom to show how we were feeling.

Have a super weekend everyone.




Thursday 17th September 2020


Today, we started off by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears again. We used some of the Makaton signs we have learnt this week to help us to read the story together.

In our English lesson, we worked on our handwriting. Some of us looking at dot-to-dot mark making, others learnt how to form the letters in our names and the rest of us looked and making our lower case letters the same size. 

In maths today, we carried on with our counting. Some of us had the challenge of helping Goldilocks reach her mothers house by filling in the missing numbers to 20.

Taking inspiration from the story of Goldilocks, this afternoon we explored hot and cold things. We felt ice and touched warm porridge to compare the two. We finished off our day by singing some well-know nursery rhymes (we've found a few that we want to practise)!



Wednesday 16th September 2020


Another super day in the IR!

We started by writing letter to Baby Bear from Goldilocks to say sorry for being so naughty. In maths, we did lots of practical activities to help us with our counting. Some of us used Numicon, some  of us built Duplo towers and others played a game with covering numbers on a hundred square. 

This afternoon, we labelled the different parts of a computer. To finish our day, we had a PE session where we worked on our throwing and catching.



Tuesday 15th September 2020


It's been another beautiful, sunny day!

In English today, we wrote sentences to describe pictures from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then, we chopped up the sentences and challenged ourselves to put them back together again. In maths, we worked on our counting again. Some of us had to reorder jumbled up numbers while others had to complete sequences that moved forwards and backwards. This afternoon, we learnt the Makaton version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To finish the day, we had a fun PE session with Mr Wright.


Monday 14th September 2020


It's been an action packed Monday and what beautiful weather we've had!

We started off our day reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We completed a comprehension activity to show our understanding of the story. In maths, we've started working on our individual targets. Some of us counted to 20 while others counted all the way to 100!

This afternoon, we worked on our fine motor skills by weaving wool to make one of the three bears from our story. We finished the day with a rainbow talk session where we tasted plums and described them using key words.




Friday 11th September 2020


It's the end of a very busy but great week! All of the children have settled back into school so well - we couldn't be more proud.

Today, we made 'wanted' posters for the Big Bad Wolf after he escaped from the three little pig's house. In maths, we had fun on the IPads playing a maths game where we had to order numbers. This afternoon, we learnt about school rules. We played a game of pass the parcel and under each layer there was either a good or bad rule. We decided whether the rules were good or bad.

Have a super weekend everyone!






Thursday 10th September 2020


It's been another busy day full of lots of fun activities.

In English, we practised our handwriting. Some of us practised forming our letters while the rest of us looked at making sure that our writing is a consistent size.

In maths, we had our last day of assessments so we'll be ready to get on with some super learning next week.

This afternoon, we worked on our fine motor skills to make the Three Little Pig's houses.

A super day. Well done everyone!





Wednesday 9th September 2020


What a busy day we've had!

We started off our morning by reading The Three Little Pigs. We acted out 'huffing, puffing and blowing the house down'. Then, we wrote sentences to describe what each house was made out of. Some of us wrote about whether the house was strong or weak.

In maths, we carried on with our assessments.

This afternoon, we started off with a computing lesson where we got the laptops out and talked about the different parts of a computer. We also learnt about different types of technology. We finished the day by having another fun PE lesson where we worked on our coordination skills.


Tuesday 8th September 2020


We started our day by reading Little Red Riding Hood for the second time. In English, we describe what the Big Bad Wolf looks like by using different adjectives. In maths, we carried on with our assessments. 

This afternoon, we did a fun Makaton session where we learnt lots of new fairytale signs. Then, we went to the sports hall and practised our balancing and jumping with Mr Wright.




Monday 7th September 2020


Today, we welcomed back Tom, Chloe and Yahyaa. It was great to see them!

We read Little Red Riding Hood and sequenced pictures from the story in English. In maths, we worked with the adults to complete some assessments to show them what we know. This afternoon, we did some paper plate craft to make The Big Bag Wolf - they were very scary. We finished our day by trying some fruit and talking about what we could see, feel, taste and smell.


Friday 4th September 2020


Another super day with our new Year 3 children. They have settled so well and are looking forward to meeting their classmates next week.

We started off the day with a good play outside. In English, we read our weekly story called 'The Koala Who Can't' and answered some questions about the story. In maths, we showed off our counting skills and sang a number song.

This afternoon, we explored the four seasons and talked about what you can see in each season. We ended the day with fun on the play trail.




Thursday 3rd September 2020


Today we said a huge WELCOME to our new year 3 children and what a fantastic start they all made. It's a scary thing starting at a new school but all of the children took it in their stride and should be incredibly proud of themselves.

We started off our morning playing with lots of exciting toys and games in our classroom. We tested out our new wet flooring area with lots of the children enjoying playing in the water! Later on, we played a game where we had to roll a dice to ask each other questions. Unsurprisingly, we found out that lots of us love chocolate (Miss Hubbard included). We showed off our writing skills and made posters all about us. We also spent lots of time playing outside, dancing to Go Noodle and learning some new Makaton signs for emotions and feelings. 

What a fantastic day!