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Dress Code

At Nether Green Junior School we celebrate the children’s individuality and diversity.  It is our policy not to discriminate on grounds of gender and to respect and accommodate the dress of different cultures, races and religions.  We feel that children should be encouraged to take a pride in their appearance and wear appropriate, suitable and safe clothing for school.


We have a school sweatshirt and T-shirt, in a choice of styles.  This is not compulsory and is available in a variety of colours.


With this in mind we ask that:


1.  Children should come to school wearing clothing that is appropriate for working and playing.  Children should feel comfortable in what they are wearing.  We ask that sleeveless tops and crop tops are not worn. Shorts need to be at least mid thigh length.


2. a)  Children should not wear items of jewellery and metal badges etc which could lead to safety issues.  Only watches and simple ear rings i.e. studs should be worn, these should be removed for PE and games.  Children will put their jewellery in a tray provided and collect them at the end of the lesson.  School cannot take responsibility for lost items.


2. b)  Inevitably at times ‘fashion items’ will become popular.  The school will decide on the appropriateness of the children being allowed to wear such items, taking into account health and safety issues and other important criteria. Decisions will be reported to parents/carers through school newsletters.


3.  Unless for religious reasons children should not wear headgear/scarves etc inside the school buildings.  Children will be encouraged to wear headgear in the playground which is appropriate for the weather.  For example warm hats in winter and hats which offer protection from thesun in the summer months.


4.  Children should wear appropriate footwear.  Shoes with high heels and ‘flip flop’ type sandals are not appropriate as our buildings and playgrounds are not suitable for them.


5.  Children should come to school in cold weather with a warm coat or, in warmer weather, with a shower proof jacket.  Whenever safe and possible we do insist on outdoor play.


Our PE kit is a Nether Green T-shirt, black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms with no logo, or black leotard.  All children should have black plimsolls with nonmarking soles for indoor use.  Children should always have a PE kit in school for appropriate lessons, otherwise they will be asked to wear a spare one from school.  Long hair must be tied back for PE lessons.


It is useful for the children to bring in a large old T-shirt or shirt to wear over their clothes for art lessons.


Please label all clothes so we can return them.  School cannot accept responsibility for lost items.  The lost property bin is outside the medical room.  We keep lost property for 4 weeks; after this time the clothes will be displayed for the children to view and then given to a charity.


This dress code will be actively supported by all staff.