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Week Beginning: 6th July 2020


Hi everybody,


We're nearing the end of term and what a different year it has been! 


At school this week, we have enjoyed lots of activities about this week's book, The Paper Dolls. We created our own paper dolls, built a dolls house for them to live in and learnt all about growing up. It was great to hear about what you'd all like to be when you're older.


At home this week, Yahyaa has been working hard at making sentences. Niamh made some paper dolls, grew some cress and went out on her favourite walk. Tom has been dressing up as a policeman!


Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Hubbard


Week Beginning: 29th June 2020


We've had lots of fun at school this week. We made skeletons from cotton buds, created some clay pots and used our art skills to create a stained glass window using glue and food colouring.


There has also been some fantastic home learning going on! George has made a life size skeleton and labelled the bones. He also made a rainbow village for the NHS. Chloe has been baking, making a cotton bud skeleton and enjoying getting on with lots of work. Yahyaa posed for a photo for the very first time - how fantastic! He has also been doing lots of practise on his number and letter formation this week. Niamh has been so desperate to go swimming that she tried on her swimming costume and goggles. 


Have a great weekend everyone,

Miss Hubbard


Week Beginning: 22nd June 2020


Hello everybody,


What a sunny week it's been. I hope that you've managed to spend lots of time outside while we have not been in school.


It sounds like lots of you have been super busy. Tom has cracked on with some school work - well done, Tom! George has been busy making lots of models from this weeks book, 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book'. Niamh has been playing on the trampoline with her sister and made a fantastic mug for her daddy for Father's Day. Yahyaa, Sienna and Chloe have also been working hard on their home learning. 


Once again, it's been wonderful to see what you've all been getting up to.


Have a great week,

Miss Hubbard



Week Beginning: 15th June 2020


Hi everybody,


 I hope you've all had a good week. It was great to see some of you earlier on in the week in school and once again, I've loved hearing about what you've all been getting up to.


Tom has some very exciting news. A baby blackbird has hatched in his garden and he's having to take very good care of it - what an important job! George has been having fun painting rocks which he added onto a rock snake in the park. Have you seen any rock snakes about on your walks? Chloe has been working hard on her home learning. This has included pretenting to be a wild thing on a walk in the woods and making wild thing crispy cakes. On the theme of baking, Sienna has also been making monster crispy games at home - yum! Niamh has enjoyed listening to the google classroom stories, face painting and also making more buns. I'm sure you must all be getting good at baking by now!


Have a great week everyone.


Lots of love,

Miss Hubbard




Week Beginning: 8th June 2020


It's been a week full of crayon fun. At school, we've made giant crayons, talked a lot about our emotions and done some super addition work in maths.


It looks like you've all been busy at home, too. Tom made a den in the woods and got on with some home learning. Yahyaa also has been working hard on his home learning. Chloe enjoyed making a fantastic scratch picture while George made some gingerbread biscuits and built a bridge. Niamh went for a fun walk in the woods and made some delicious buns.


Next week our story is Where the Wild Things Are. It's one of my favourites - I hope you like it, too!


Week Beginning: 8th June 2020


Hi everybody,


I hope you all had a fantastic break over half term. I've really enjoyed hearing what you all got up to.


It's been wonderful to see some more of you at school this week. We've been doing lots of fun activities to do with the Jolly Postman. Our favourite part was making a road to show the Jolly Postman's route during the story. We have done lots of fun art activities in the afternoons, spending time outside painting with water and creating stained glass windows of our names.


At home this week, Niamh has been making shaving foam paint - sounds like loads of messy fun! Tom enjoyed seeing his sister after such a long time for a socially distanced walk. Chloe and Sienna both made post boxes to post their letters into. George made some delicious smoothies and had fun with water balloons! 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Hubbard


Week Beginning: 18th May 2020


Hello everybody!


I hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed reading lots of different fairy tales. Which one was your favourite?


It's been lovely to see some more of you in school this week as well as hearing what you've been getting up to at home. 

Tom has been tasting some delicious honey that his brother's bees have produced. Frank discovered a hidden swing in Whiteley Woods. George enjoyed his first day back at school as well as getting dressed up for a PE session and having a picnic in the woods. Chloe also got out into the woods with her sister, Charlotte. Niamh had lots of fun on her first days back in school, too. On her days at home, she played in the paddling pool, made bread and had a go at the chocolate temptation challenge! Yahyaa has been getting out and about for walks most days and will be celebrating Eid this weekend. Sienna baked some home-made bread and made a rainbow to be displayed in our classroom.


I hope that you all get a well-earned rest from all your home learning over the half term holidays!


Lots of love,

Miss Hubbard


Week Beginning: 11th May 2020


Hi everyone! It's that time of the week again.


I've enjoyed looking at your pictures of what you've been getting up to at home. Frank has found something new that he likes to do - circuit building. Chloe has been getting ready for her birthday on Friday. She has baked a delicious cake and has been working hard with her sister to sort her Shopkins. Niamh has enjoyed playing doctors with her family and making sure that they are all healthy! Tom discovered some a real life caterpillar on a walk. I wonder if it was munching on a leaf? George enjoyed making a smartie bar chart and it looks like he managed to resist eating them all. As for the children who have been in school, they have spent some time outside doing wax crayon rubbings to make pictures.


I hope you enjoyed our video that us grown ups in the IR put together for you! Stay tuned for next week's instalment.


Have a fab week,

Miss Hubbard




Week Beginning: 4th May 2020


Hello everybody!


Another sunny week - aren't we lucky! It's been great to hear about what you've all been getting up to at home and to know that, even though you're missing your friends, you're making the most of spending time with your family.


George has loved dinosaur week! He made some fantastic dinosaur eggs; he even ate them in a sandwich. Chloe made a beautiful rainbow using chalk and Frank helped his mum to bake a cake. He weighted out the ingredients to practise his maths skills! You'll be able to see the photo of Sienna with a dinosaur in her living room - wow! Niamh has been getting stuck into some more baking as well as making some frozen lollies (perfect for these sunny days). Yahyaa has been busy on the computer and getting out for walks with his family.


At school this week, we've been doing some activities to celebrate VE Day as well as continuing to make giant rainbows using tissue paper for our classroom.


Have a great week!

Miss Hubbard




Week Beginning: 27th April 2020


Hi everyone,


Once again, it has been great to hear what you've all been getting up to this week. I hope you've enjoyed all of the Paddington Bear themed activities and maybe even reading the stories and watching the Paddington films.


At school this week, we have started to transform our classroom! We've enjoyed doing lots of tidying and thinking about how we can make it an even more exciting space for you all. Our classroom theme will be 'rainbows'. Your challenge this week is to create something rainbow themed that we can display in our classroom when we come back to school. 


Enjoy looking at all of the exciting things that your friends have been getting  up to and have a lovely weekend.


Love, Miss Hubbard 


Week Beginning: 30th April 2020


Hi everyone!


Well, another week of home-learning and another week of beautiful sunshine. It's been lovely to chat to some of you and your parents this week. I've thoroughly enjoyed hearing about what you've been getting up and and am so proud to hear how you're embracing this extra time at home with your family.


As you can see from the pictures below, everyone has been very busy! 

Niamh has been getting stuck into the space activities and has been practising riding her bike in the garden.

Charlie has been enjoying some relaxation time in his home hot tub.

George has made a super bird feeder out of a recycled milk bottle and has enjoyed learning about space.

Mikhail has been baking and has written an autobiography ready to go into the Y6 leavers book.

Frank has spent lots of time outside. He has also enjoyed the Joe Wicks workouts every morning with his family.

Sienna had her 9th birthday! She got lots of exciting Marvel toys and had a party with her family.

Tom has been doing some wood work and lots of baking!

Chloe has produced some super maths work about space and has enjoyed playing teachers with her sister.


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures - it's just fab to see what you're all doing!


Next week's theme is Paddington Bear! Enjoy tucking in to your marmalade sandwiches.


Have a great week,

Miss Hubbard





Week Beginning: 13th April 2020


Hello everyone!

Welcome to our weekly update where you can share with your friends everything that you've been getting up to at home. 


This week, there have been lots of exciting things happening. From dressing up and recreating the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar to baking mac n' cheese, it looks like your all keeping very busy. There have also been lots of Easter egg hunts out in the sunshine.


The theme this week was 'Spring'. You were tasked with getting outside, counting flowers, using adjectives to describe spring time amongst lots of other things. 


Next week's theme is 'space'! Get your inner astronaut ready for lots of cosmic activities zooming your way.