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Music Website Statement


"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." Victor Hugo

At Nether Green Junior School we understand that music provides a unique outlet for children to communicate and express themselves personally. It inspires, motivates and immerses its listeners; it's reflection of culture and society therefore becomes an instrument for enabling children to explore the world and their place within it.

The aims of music teaching at Nether Green Juniors are to enable children to:

* Sing and use their voices to perform, improvise and compose

* Perform, listen to and review music across a range of historical periods, genres and styles

* Learn to play an instrument and participate in ensembles

* Develop musical skills through an understanding of the interrelated dimensions of music

* Develop an appreciation for music, being able to listen intently and appraise



Music Activities


We have a wide range of musical activities on offer throughout the school year. Once children have been learning their instrument for a year, they have the opportunity to join our 70-strong orchestra who rehearse weekly. Our guitarists also have their own ‘Guitar Band’ ensemble.


Although all of our children take part in choir during school hours, we have also recently formed an afterschool choir called ‘Take Note.’ This choir is made up of children from years 3 – 6 and they regularly perform at events in the local community. If your child is interested in joining ‘Take Note’ please speak to Mrs Meller.