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Friday 20th March 2020


Today we have had a The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed day. We've read the story and done lots of fun activities around the book.


Thursday 19th March 2020


Even though there's lots of uncertainty at the moment, we all had a lovely day. We started off with an obstacle course down in the sports hall and then we went on the computers to play money games. This afternoon we made chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cornflake cakes - yum! 





Wednesday 18th March 2020


Today, we had fun dancing to get ourselves moving. We wrote letters and used some fantastic describing words in English. This afternoon, we did dough disco and produced some bean stalk art!




Tuesday 17th March 2020


It's been work as normal here today, even if there have been a few less of us! We've written up our science experiment and recorded our results in English. In maths, we looked at how much different items at a garden centre cost.




Monday 16th March 2020


This morning, we looked at the results of our experiment and used adjectives to describe what the plants looked like. In maths, we thought about how we could use money at a Garden Centre and practise our coin and note recognition skills.


Friday 13th March 2020


We've been working hard this morning to get through all of our Blue Pen Work. This afternoon, we made birthday cards for Mrs Bidder in the office and then had some sensory time during enrichment.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday 12th March 2020


What a fantastic World Book Day we've had! We had lots of fun down in a PE session with Mr Wright. Then, we read our school World Book Day story which was called 'A Child of Books'. We made rafts with sails to show where we would sail if we could delve into a story. This afternoon, while some of us went swimming, the rest of us made pizzas from scratch. They were delicious.


Wednesday 11th March 2020


We started off today by writing the method section for our science experiment that we are working on. In maths, we had lots of fun using 2D shape sponges to paint our own gardens. 


Tuesday 10th March 2020


We started off our day by predicting what will happen to each of the plants we set up for our experiment yesterday. In maths, we explored the properties of 2D shapes.


Monday 9th March 2020


We were scientists today and set up our own experiment! We want to find out what plants need to stay alive and are going to give plants different amounts of water and sunlight to see what happens. In maths, we had to work out which 2D shapes some flower pots were made from.




Friday 6th March 2020


We started the day bu having a blue pen work extravaganza! We edited our work from this week and made improvements. This afternoon, we revisited how to wash our hands properly and made some posters to help us to remember.


Thursday 5th March 2020


This morning, we enjoyed a PE session with Mr Wright where we did lots of jumping and balancing. Later we went on the computers to play games with adding and subtracting. This afternoon, some of us when outside on a hunt for different types of plants and flowers.





Wednesday 4th March 2020


What a lovely day we've had. We started off by subtracting leaves from plant stems before creating a poster about how to look after plants. We talked about germs and practised washing our hands properly, too. We used glitter to show how germs can be spread.



Tuesday 3rd March 2020


We had lots of fun playing pass the parcel in English this morning. We had to decide whether the strips of paper hidden in the parcel were facts or opinions. In maths, we practised our adding skills by putting petals on flowers.


Monday 2nd March 2020


We started this morning by talking about how we can look after plants. We had to hunt for clues around the classroom. In maths, we looked at what the equals sign means.




Friday 28th February 2020


What a fantastic (and a little wet) day at the farm we have had! We wrapped up warm and didn't let the weather stop us from feeding the animal, stroking the rabbits and even leading a goat around the farm! All of us behaved beautifully and represented our school perfectly, making all of the adults very proud.


Thursday 28th February 2020


We started our day by having a fun PE session with Mr Wright in the sports hall. We got out the big apparatus and enjoyed climbing. In computing, we went on games where we had to help plants to grow. This afternoon, while some of us went swimming, the rest of us created some parts of a plant art.


Wednesday 26th February 2020


Today we worked very hard! We wrote our very own instructions for how to make a 'grass head' in English. In maths, we practised our counting skills by doing some finger painting.




Tuesday 25th February 2020


In maths today, we found out that the wind had blown away all of the petals of the flowers that had been delivered to school. We had to add the petals back on by using our counting skills.



Monday 24th February 2020


I hope that you all had a great week off.

We've had a lovely first day of the half term and enjoyed starting our new project 'How can we look after plants?' by planting some grass heads. We'll keep you updated on their progress as the weeks go on.


Thursday 13th February 2020


Today, we started off our morning with a fun PE session with Mr Wright. We practised our throwing and catching skills and worked as a team. After that, we went on the computers to compose some music.


Wednesday 12th February 2020


After a slow start with the snow this morning, we've had a packed morning full of learning. We measured how far lambs could jump in maths and enjoyed composing animal music with our friends as part of our English lesson.


Tuesday 11th February 2020


It's been Safer Internet Day today. All of us have spent time in our mainstream classes and in the IR learning about how to use the internet safely. In English, we listened to Carnival of the Animals and used the music to guess which animal was being represented.



Monday 10th February 2020


We had lots of fun with Sheffield United this morning who came in for a PE session. In maths, we looked at comparing the size of new baby lambs using maths vocabulary. The Year 4 children enjoyed a Roman Day in their mainstream classes.


Friday 7th February 2020


It's been a fun Friday! We had Bessy the therapy dog visit us this morning and enjoyed feeding her some treats. After that, we got on with our Blue Pen Work. This afternoon in our Life Skills lesson, we talked about what we like and make new floor spots for our carpet spaces. 

The Year 6's had a visit from lots of weird and wonderful creature this afternoon with Zoo Lab, including a giant snail!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday 6th February 2020


We had lots of fun in a PE session this morning. We completed an obstacle course where we had to balance on lots of different objects. We went on the computers in maths, too. This afternoon, while some of us went swimming, the rest of us stayed at school and learnt about animals that live in England. We painted pictures of hedgehogs.




Wednesday 5th February 2020


We've been working hard today! We started off by writing our Kenning poems all about penguins. In maths, we talked about which activities would take a longer or shorter amount of time. Some of us thought about how long in time those activities could take.





Tuesday 4th February 2020


Today, we had fun playing time bingo in maths. It's tricky to learn how to tell the time, but we are all super stars with 'o'clock'! In English, we gathered lots of ideas for our poems about penguins, ready to write them tomorrow.


Monday 3rd February 2020


It's been a great start to the week. We looked at the difference between verbs and nouns in English and had fun playing a game of verb charades. In maths, we helped the farmer to put a timetable together for how a typical day on the farm should run.



Friday 31st January 2020


We've had a great end to the week. We started this morning by getting on with our Maths and English blue pen work. This afternoon, in our Life Skills lesson, we read a story about worrying and talked about what to do when we feel worried.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!








Thursday 30th January 2020


This morning, we had a PE session with Mr Wright and did some super riddle writing. We had lots of fun baking this afternoon while some of us went swimming. 




Wednesday 29th January 2020


We have produced some fantastic work today! We gathered lots of adjectives for our animal riddles and designed our own bank notes in maths. This afternoon, Bessy the therapy dog came to visit again.


Tuesday 28th January 2020


We have all been working hard with our learning today. We really enjoyed solving riddles about teachers around the school. We went to find them and they gave us our next riddle. When we got back to the classroom, we wrote riddles about our friends.


Monday 27th January 2020


Today, we spent some time getting to know a new member of our class. We asked her questions to find out more about her. In maths, we worked on recognising coins and adding different amounts of money.



Friday 24th January 2020


After working hard this morning to complete our Blue Pen Work, we were very excited to have a visit from Bessy the Therapy Dog this afternoon. We had the chance to stroke her and spend time with her. She'll be visiting us every week from now on!


Thursday 23rd January 2020


We have had an action-packed day today! This morning, we went down to the sports

hall to practise our throwing and catching skills. In maths, we went on the computers to play games with 2D and 3D shapes. This afternoon, some of us went swimming and the rest of us stayed behind to make some animal art.







Wednesday 22nd January 2020


We have done a fantastic job with writing rhyming poems about animals today. In maths, we looked at nets of 3D shapes. Then, we made animals from the nets,, named the shapes and described their properties.

This afternoon, some of the children spent time practising their counting skills in the IR!





Tuesday 21st January 2020


Today, we gathered lots of ideas of words that rhyme with farm animals. We will use these when we start writing our poems tomorrow. In maths, we had fun making 3D shapes out of play dough.





Monday 20th January 2020


Today, we started looking at reading rhyming poems. We put rhyming treasure into treasure chests and looked at the ends of the words. In maths, we made a plan of a farm using 3D shapes. Some of us named the shapes and some of us described their properties.




Friday 17th January 2020


It's been a fabulous Friday! After getting on with our writing Blue Pen Work, we went on a maths treasure hunt around school. This afternoon, we made farm animals for our project display in the classroom - they look brilliant!


Thursday 16th January 2020


It's been a fun-filled day today. We finished off our poems first thing. When we had finished, we had some time practising our typing skills on the computer. We had a great PE session in the sports hall where we had to test our balancing skills on the benches. This afternoon, some of us went swimming while the rest of us stayed at school and learnt about habitats.


Wednesday 15th January 2020


We have enjoyed writing acrostic poems about elephants today. In maths, we used dog biscuits and number lines to help us with our subtracting skills!


Tuesday 14th January 2020


We have had a busy day full of learning today. We started off by putting an acrostic poem back together after it had been all jumbled up. Then, we helped out a farmer by adding together animal food in maths.


Monday 13th January 2020


It was great to hear about what the children got up to over the weekend.

Today, we went on a hunt to find out which mystery animal was hidden in our classroom (it was an elephant). We had to read the clues before the answer was revealed. In maths, we looked at what the addition and subtraction symbols mean.

Unfortunately, the therapy pony had to cancel as the weather is too wet! We're hoping to get this re-scheduled for another time.




Friday 10th January 2019


Today, we celebrated Maddie's birthday. Although it was a little bit later that her actual birthday, we had a great party and enjoyed playing with balloons.

It's been a fantastic first week back after Christmas and we're all very proud of how the children have settled back into the new term.



Thursday 9th January 2020


What a busy day it's been! We started off by going on an opposite hunt around the classroom. In maths, we enjoyed going on the computers to play some counting games. This afternoon, some of us went swimming while the rest of us learnt all about habitats.


Wednesday 8th January 2020


In maths today, we made giant number posters. We chose a number and challenged ourselves to see how many ways we could represent it. We drew it, counted up to it and even drew around our hands.




Tuesday 7th January 2020


Another action-packed day!

We spent our English lesson gathering ideas for a poem about how to look after dogs. We’ll be starting to write these tomorrow.

In Maths today, we continued to practise our counting. We had to re-organise numbers, words and pictures that had been all jumbled up in the post. 

Christmas Week 2019


Wow, what a busy week.  Here is a quick update to share what we have been doing in school:

  • On Monday we watched the school Talent Show and then we rehearsed for the Christmas concert.
  • On Tuesday we rehearsed the Christmas concert in church and then enjoyed time in our mainstream classes.
  • On Wednesday we made Christmas hats, had a Christmas lunch and went to Christmas parties.
  • On Thursday we wrote letters to Santa, enjoyed a party lunch and went to more Christmas parties.
  • Today we enjoyed Carols Around the Tree and had Enrichment Time this afternoon.


Thank you for all your support to make this term a successful one.  The children have had the opportunity to learn lots of new things.  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and that you are ready for more fun in the new year!


The IR Team









Friday 13th December 2019


This morning Miss Hubbard joined us and we wrote about our trip to the care home.  We had a special surprise baby shower for Mrs Longbottom during lunchtime.  We all want to wish Mrs Longbottom the best of luck for her new adventure!  We also had a party for Mikhail's 11th birthday.




Thursday 12th December 2019


This morning we visited Bridgedale Care Home.  The children loved meeting the residents.  We sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and gave out the cards and gifts that we had made.


Monday 9th December 


We have had such a lovely day! We received exciting news about our new teacher, Miss Hubbard, who will be teaching us after the holidays. We wrote to Miss Hubbard, telling her about ourselves and we made cards for the residents at Bridgedale Care Home, who we are visiting on Thursday.

Friday 6th December 2019


We had another fun Friday.  This afternoon we helped Mr Wright to celebrate his upcoming birthday.


Thursday 5th December 2019


This morning we used the computers to play telling the time games.  We have all been super stars today so Mrs Hall let us all choose a prize.


Wednesday 4th December 2019


This morning we played time games and sorted o'clock and half past times.





Tuesday 3rd September 2019


What a fab day! We thought about what made us special and the things we liked doing, then we worked with students from the University of Sheffield in a rowing workshop, doing games and exercises to build our core strength and of course some rowing too! We finished it off with a fun birthday party!

Monday 2nd December 


December?! How did that happen?

Today we created self-portraits as part of our Kindness topic.

Thursday 28th November 2019


This morning we finished our extended writing and then we completed our maths work.  We estimated the length of different objects in class and then used blocks and rulers to measure and check.




Wednesday 27th November 2019


This morning we wrote about what makes a good friend and then we measured objects in class.  This afternoon we made a start on our Christmas craft activities....not long to go now!


Friday 22nd November 2019


Hola!  This afternoon we enjoyed learning how to ask and answer "how are you?" in Spanish.  We enjoyed singing and dancing along to our goodbye song.  Adios!


Still image for this video

Thursday 21st November 2019


This morning we continued to write fact files about pets.  We explored symmetrical shapes using paint and printing.  Our Year 5 children enjoyed a trip to the Wonderdome Planetarium to explore what life is like in space.





Wednesday 20th November 2019


This morning we started to write fact files about pets.  We also gave directions to the emergency services using different 2D shapes.




Tuesday 19th November 2019


We've had a lovely day! We went on a vocabulary hunt to describe our paints, made pictures out of shapes and finished our paper mache pets!

Friday 15th November 2019


Today we celebrated Children in Need in school.  We were very comfortable in our pyjamas and onesies.  We also celebrated 'Switch Off Day'.  We turned off the computers and lights all day.


Thursday 14th November 2019


This morning we used the computers to type up kind actions for a class kindness jar.




Wednesday 13th November 2019


Another super busy day.  Some of the Year 4 boys enjoyed a trip to Pizza Express.  The children in school wrote about kind and unkind actions and then worked on some Children in Need addition problems.

Monday 11th November 2019


This morning we used bottles, red paint and black card to create our own poppies.  We took time to think about how the soldiers helped other people.


Friday 8th November 2019


This morning we finished working on our class Kindness Tree.  It has lots of lovely ideas about how to be kind.  We are very proud of the work that the children have done.  Have a lovely (hopefully dry) weekend.




Thursday 7th November 2019


What a wet day!  This morning we played number games on the Topmarks website.  This afternoon we started to make charity Christmas cards.





Wednesday 6th November 2019


This morning we explored ways in which we can be kind....see our kindness chain on the English display.  We counted sparklers that were left from last night.  We also had a party to celebrate Mrs Nunn's special birthday.




Monday 4th November 2019

Welcome back everyone! We really enjoyed hearing about what each had been up to over the holidays then had a busy day with bonfire themed maths and English. This afternoon we were even able to squeeze in a birthday party! What a lovely first day back.

Thursday 24th October 2019


This morning we visited the Zero-Waste Shop at the University of Sheffield Student's Union.  We had a great time looking at the different items that you can buy there.  We filled up one of our containers with hand wash for the classroom and bought ginger for baking next half-term. 


This afternoon the Year 5 children participated in Viking Day and joined in a battle in the hall.


We hope you have a lovely half-term break.  We will see you all on the 4th of November.






Wednesday 23rd October 2019


This morning we played coin bingo and talked about the coins that we know.  This afternoon the Young Scientists came to visit us to teach us a lesson.  They helped us to make our very own lava lamps using recycled plastic bottles.





Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Today we had a bit of a Hallowe’en theme! We thought about autumnal celebrations and created our own spooky creatures that we chose vocabulary to describe. In maths we started exploring money and later on Mrs Kirbyshaw treated us to some pumpkin tasting!

Friday 18th October 2019

What a fantastic day! We finished off our Artworks project and had a party to celebrate!

Some children went to Boccia and represented the school really well!

We are so proud of all the children and all the effort and enthusiasm they have put into this week - well done everybody!

Thursday 17th October 2019


Another brilliant day with the ArtWorks Project.  This morning we designed more sea creatures, and this afternoon we designed a slogan to go on the display.  Kat from the project has started to put up the display, it already looks amazing!


Wednesday 16th October 2019


Another busy day with our ArtWorks friends.  This morning we made large sea creatures for our display.  This afternoon we designed coral for the bottom of the sea.





Tuesday 15th October 2019


Wow, what a busy day.  This morning we played curling at Ice was very cold.  This afternoon ArtWorks came to visit us again.  We made jellyfish.  We can't wait for you to see the finished product.






Monday 14th October 2019

Artworks Week!

Our visitors from the Artworks Project were very impressed with all the recycling we’d collected. Today we began by designing and making the fish for our coral reef scene.

Friday 11th October 2019


This morning we worked hard to perfect our letters.  We also worked hard on our maths assessment.  Have a lovely weekend!







Thursday 10th October 2019


This morning we sorted o'clock and half-past times and completed our recycling fact files.  The swimmers had to do lengths of the pool and try to put their face in the water, they all worked very hard.

Wednesday 9th October 2019


Today the Year 3 children have enjoyed an Egyptian day with their mainstream class.  The children working in the resource went on a clock hunt and then sorted the times that they had found.





Tuesday 8th October 2019


After a fun game of clock bingo we got to hear all about Mr Lomas’ amazing adventure at the weekend! He went to Germany and won 2 gold medals and a bronze for orienteering mountain biking! Well done Mr Lomas!


Y4 had a fun afternoon trying Greek food and on Wednesday Y3 have an Egyptian themed day!

Monday 7th October 2019


What a lovely day! We made our own watches when we looked at how clocks work. We started making plans for our fact files about recycling too!

Friday 4th October 2019


This morning we finished writing our stories based on our book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'.  We are really proud of our writing this half-term.


Have a wonderful weekend!



Thursday 3rd October 2019


This afternoon we had fun making our own slime to use during sensory time.





Wednesday 2nd October 2019


This morning we continued to explore capacity.  We used recyclable materials to decorate our capacity bottles.  We also started to write our own stories based on 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'.


Friday 27th September 2019


This morning we completed pronoun jigsaws.  During our Enrichment Time we had fun playing with the sensory beads in class.




Thursday 26th of September


This afternoon the children who stayed in school worked together to create a giant art masterpiece.  It was very messy but good fun.


Wednesday 25th September 2019


This morning we went on a pronoun hunt around school.  We used our photographs to make sentences.  We then used playdough and 2D shapes to design a new recycling factory.





Tuesday 24th September 2019


This morning we used paint and 2D shapes to design a new recycling plant for Sheffield.  It was messy but fun.

Monday 23rd September 2019

Today we investigated what happens to plastic, paper and glass when we recycle. We discovered that our new benches are each made out of 22,000 plastic milk bottles!

We also worked hard identifying 2D shapes and we’ll be using this to design our own recycling factory tomorrow!

Friday 20th of September


This morning we completed English blue pen work and a maths assessment.  This afternoon we continued to learn new words in our Spanish lesson.

We hope you have a sunny weekend.


Thursday 19th of October


What a busy day!

This morning we met with Emma from the ArtWorks Project to talk about an upcoming recycling project....keep your eyes peeled for more information.  This afternoon the children that didn't go swimming used junk material to make models.  At the end of the day we had a party to celebrate Morgan's birthday.




Wednesday 18th of September


Today we used bottle tops to solve addition and subtraction problems.


Tuesday 17th September 2019


We compared polluted and clean environments and found vocabulary to describe them. After break we had fun with addition and subtraction maths games!

Monday 16th September 2019


Happy Monday! Today we thought about how we could could help our local environment so we went litter picking around school!

Friday 13th of September


Today we practised saying "hola" and "adios".  We made some fabulous posters to display the Spanish words.




Thursday 12th of September


The Year 3/4 boys had a brilliant first swim at Goodwin.  They were working on their splashy feet.  The Year 5/6 children stayed in school and worked on the bird feeders we are making for the Autumn Fayre.


Wednesday 11th of September


This morning we made big number sheets.  We used recyclable materials to explore numbers to ten.  Take a look when you next visit the classroom.


Tuesday 10th September 2019


Today we started reading our story, ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley!’ We looked at videos and images of jellyfish and described them - we don’t think Stanley looks like a jellyfish do you?

Monday 9th September 


What a lovely start to the week! We started thinking about our recycling topic and collected and sorted rubbish. Then we counted what we had collected as part of our maths learning. Everyone was fantastic in mainstream! There were lots of busy brains, well done!

Friday 6th of September


We have had a fabulous Friday.  This morning we played games which helped us to get to know each other better.  We hope you all have a lovely weekend.





Thursday 5th of September


What a busy start to the year.  We have been doing lots of fun things this week; making new posters for our 'Golden Rules' display, designing new labels for our pegs and exploring the swimming rules.  We have also spent time in mainstream every day getting to know our new teachers.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019


Welcome back everyone! 

We loved sharing our holiday news and meeting our new friends!

Mrs Longbottom was so impressed with the fantastic attitudes of everyone after 6weeks off and Mrs Hall is so excited to see you all!