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Friday 18th November 2022

Its "Children in need" day so everyone came to school in their pjs. In the morning we did our maths then in the afternoon we did some pudsey bear art.

Thursday 17th of November

Today we created our very own IR farm ready for a picnic at lunch time. 


Wednesday 16th of November 2022


What a busy day we have had!  This morning we had a very exciting cooking lesson on how to make chocolate chip cookies!! Yummy yummy for my tummy!


This afternoon we had a fun P.E. lesson with Mr Wright learning 'racket ball' skills and 'bat ball' skills.


Enjoy your evening!








Tuesday 15th of November

Today the children enjoyed bucket time, circle time and sensory circuits. In circle time they played glitter drum and in sensory circuits they practiced their jumping and balancing skills. 


Monday 14th November 2022

This morning the children worked really hard in literacy describing their colour Monsters and how they felt.  In the Green Room the children worked on their individual interventions.  This afternoon we have had lots of fun in the swimming pool. Sorry no photos today we were working so hard we didn't have chance to take them!

Friday 11th November 2022

This morning in maths we continued adding together single digits using numicon. In the afternoon we made poppy cards.


Thursday 10th Of November 2022


We have had a lovely day today, in the classroom in literacy we were making collages of the colour monster and talked about our feelings relating to the story. 


In topic we used musical instruments to demonstrate how different sounds can make us feel. Using pictures of feelings we each identified how each musical instrument sounds made us feel and spent a lot of time having a go at making our own music. 


This afternoon we enjoyed bucket time and participated in some sensory circuits.  

we took lots of phots throughout our day and we will add them tomorrow.

have a lovely evening. 


Wednesday 9th November 2022


We had a fantastic day this morning making some delicious rocket rode!  We used chocolate, biscuits, marshmallow, butter and icing sugar..mmm yummy!! and guess what..we were able to eat them just before home time!


This afternoon we had a fun P.E. session with Mr Wright.


Have a lovely evening everyone.


Tuesday 8th of November

This morning everyone did some great Maths work, and this afternoon we did circle time and sensory circuits. In circle time we worked on joint attention and had some sensory time. In sensory circuits they worked on their balance and coordination skills.

Friday 4th November 2022

This morning in maths we were adding two single digit numbers and counting on to find the answer.

In the afternoon we made firework pictures.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday 3rd of November


This morning in English we were introduced to our new story " the colour Monster"

we then had to group the emotions together and match them to the correct colour monster. 


In topic we talked about our emotions and recognised what each feeling would look like. 


This afternoon we enjoyed bucket time and took part in some sensory circuits. 

Have a lovely evening!




Wednesday 2nd November 2022

This morning we had lots of fun designing and then decorating our biscuits.   Some of the children chose to do Halloween themed biscuits and some created their own designs.  They looked fantastic and most of them were eaten at snack time. Yum!

This afternoon we had lots of fun in our PE lesson with lots of different apparatus out for the children to climb on. 


Tuesday 1st of November

Today we introduced our new story 'The Colour Monster', the children made they're own colour monsters in the Green Room and did Maths in the Classroom this morning. This afternoon we did bucket time and sensory circuits.


Friday 21st of October 2022

We've come to the end of another great week in the IR!  It's been full of fun and fantastic learning.


This morning in maths we made posters all about sports.  In the Green Room we had circle time and interventions.


To finish the day, we had so much fun dancing to our favourite music and enjoyed making a spooky, scary ghost !


We hope you all have a super half term!

Thursday 20th of October 2022


This morning in maths we made bar charts linking to the sporting activities we did in our last maths session. 

 in the green room , we made thank you cards for Ms. Kirbyshaw. We used glitter, felt tip pens and tissue paper to decorate our cards. 


This Afternoon, In PE we had lots of fun climbing on the climbing frames in the sports hall.



Wednesday 19th October 2022

Today we all enjoyed baking cup cakes. We creamed butter and mixed with sugar, eggs and flour. The children also enjoyed eating the cup cakes at afternoon snack. This afternoon some children enjoyed doing dancing to warm them up before doing some yoga exercises.


Tuesday 18th October 2022

Another busy day, this morning in maths we used stopwatches and timers to time ourselves running, running on the spot,throwing and catching the ball and hitting the ball.


In the afternoon we did sensory circuits with Mr Wright we practiced balancing and walking along the benches.

Monday 17th of October 2022


Today in English, we had so much fun learning all about 'what makes a good role model' and who is your  'role model' in our life.  We used word banks and drew a picture.


This afternoon we enjoyed going swimming.


Enjoy your evening!

Friday 14th of October 2022


Today in maths we learned to identify 'one more' and 'one less' using a number line. Then completed our work by writing it on a caterpillar counting sheet. 


This afternoon we had a great time playing with our friends catching autumn leaves and had some enrichment outside too.


Have a lovely weekend!



Thursday 13th Of October 2022

This Morning in English we re-read our story "Kindness is my superpower", we then selected a superpower a wrote sentences about what that superpower would mean. 

In the green room in topic we discussed our emotions and what we can do to help us stay in the green zone.


This Afternoon,enjoyed bucket time and had lots of fun doing sensory circuits.

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Today we all enjoyed making shortbread biscuits, and eating them later!! 

In PE we practised balancing on a circuit in the sports hall and rolling balls.

Tuesday 11th October 2022

Today we worked hard in Maths and this afternoon we had lots of fun doing Bucket Time and Sensory Circuits.

Friday 7th October 2022

This morning we went on a trip to Ice Sheffield and took part, with other schools in a curling competition.  The curling stones were very heavy but we tried our best to push them towards the target.  Areeba and Musa won star of the match. It was lots of fun!

Thursday 6th of October 2022

This morning we in English we finished our stories.


we also did topic work in the green room about different stages of life.


This Afternoon we took part in some sensory circuits and bucket time.

Tuesday 4th October 2022

We all had a fantastic morning at Hollywood Bowl everyone had a go at bowling and we all got a medal ,well done to everyone.

Monday 3rd October  2022

This morning in English we did some more work on our stories. This afternoon we enjoyed a fun session at the swimming baths.  Our Y5s have been on an exciting trip to the Jorvik Centre in York today and photographs will follow soon.

Thursday 29th of September

This morning in English we created our own stories using CIP visuals.


This afternoon we talked about our families using pictures, and we also took part in some sensory circuits.

Wednesday 28th September 2022

This morning we had lots of fun baking chocolate chip cookies.  We split into small groups and practised weighing ingredients out and then mixing them together to make our cookie mixture.  This afternoon we enjoyed tasting them. Yummy!


Tuesday 27th of September 2022


This morning in maths, we practised our counting by playing a game using the interactive whiteboard.  

This afternoon we took part in a sensory circuit and we practised for the fire drill.  


Have a lovely evening!



Monday 26th September 2022 

In English  this morning we read our new book 'You Choose'.  We wrote about which house we would like to live in and which pet we would like to own.  This afternoon we went to Swim.  Half the group enjoyed learning swimming techniques whilst the rest of the group enjoyed gaining confidence in the water.


Friday 23rd September 2022

This morning the children wrote sentences about our story 'First Day at Bug School' and enjoyed bucket time in the green room. This afternoon we had fun in music, the children used percussion instruments to learn about 'pulse', banging their shakers and drums in time to the song 'I want to play in a band'.



Thursday 22nd of September 2022

This Morning we did our usual Maths and English.

This afternoon we took part in some sensory circuits and an object hunt which we really enjoyed. 

Wednesday 21st September 2022


A busy and somewhat messy day today - sorry parents/carers!! The children did brilliantly with their new morning routine and we had a lovely quiet and calm start to the day. The children then enjoyed their Attention Autism session, which ended with making colourful footprints using paint and wellies. Some of the children then choose to discard the wellies and socks and make footprints with their bare feet instead. Lots of fun!






Friday 16th September 2022


A good day today in the IR to mark the end of a busy week. The children have all worked hard on their handwriting / mark making in English and in maths some of the children continued working on partitioning and rounding while others worked on more or less. This afternoon we had sensory circuits - the children are really getting the hang of them now - and we also practised our fine motor skills. Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Tuesday!



Thursday 15th of September 

Today in the morning we did our usual maths and English.

In the afternoon in art we made some butterfly and snail art using glitter and wool to decorate.

we also did sensory circuits with Mr Jackson. 

Wednesday 14th September 2022


The children are continuing to settle into school life and have done some lovely sentence building and comprehension this morning. This afternoon we practised our ball skills in PE, with a focus on both individual and throwing and catching which we then extended into some group games. 



Tuesday 13th September 2022

The children enjoyed Maths and English this morning and the sensory circuits this afternoon. They seem to have settled in and we are all getting back into routine.


  Monday 12th September 2022

  Fantastic first swimming lesson today at SWIM. All the children listened to

  instructions and had a great lesson followed by five mins fun play with floats and balls.

Friday 9th September 2022

The children worked really hard in Literacy this morning writing about their first week back.  In Maths they worked on place value.  This afternoon we had circle time and finished our self portraits.  We finished the afternoon off with making music with the boom whackers.  It was lots of fun and quite loud. 

Thursday 8th September 2022

Today in maths we were reading, ordering and counting numbers up to 20. 

In English, we used clicker to rearrange sentences about what we have been doing this week. 

This Afternoon, we decorated T-shirts using all different types of materials such as, feathers, tissue paper, glitter and felt tip pens. 

Wednesday 7th September 2022


The children have been working hard in English this morning writing about what they did in the summer holidays. In the green room, we had great fun during bucket time and enjoyed some messy play with shaving foam. This afternoon we had a lovely time on the climbing apparatus in PE.