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Partnerships with Parents and Carers

We welcome parents and carers being involved in school and their child's education in different ways:


  • Parents and carers are welcome to come to speak to their child's teacher at the end of the school day as the children are being dismissed outside. This may be  to ask any question you may have, or to inform the members of staff of things which may be affecting your child.  For a more in depth discussion you may arrange to meet with the appropriate member of staff at a mutually agreed time. Any queries about your child should firstly be addressed to the class teacher.  If necessary the teacher will suggest discussions with other members of staff. 

    You can email the teacher using the following email addresses.

    Y3 =

    Y4 =

    Y5 =

    Y6 =

    IR =


  • Weekly home support task sheets are produced every week which outline activities to be carried out at home and give updated information about events which are happening.  They also give more detail about the curriculum.  The task sheets are available on this website, via email and in printed form.  We hope you will find this helpful in supporting your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call in to see your child’s teacher.


  • There are three parent/teacher progress meetings during the year.  Meetings in Autumn and Spring term are an opportunity for you to speak with your child’s teacher about their progress, see your child’s work and share any relevant information.  The final meeting in the Summer term offers you the option to follow up any aspects of your child’s report.


  • We run evening workshops for parents and carers on how Maths and English are taught in Year 3.


  • Parents and carers are invited to school events throughout the year including concerts, drama productions, art exhibitions and sports day.


  • If you'd like to know how your child can become involved in extra-curricular activities, including sports and arts, please look at our Clubs & Activities.


  • We are always grateful to receive help in school, so if you feel able to assist - with reading, creative activities, helping on school trips, giving talks - please talk to the office or your child's teacher.  Parents who wish to help need an up to date CRB check (please ask the office about CRB checks) and should read our Safeguarding and Volunteer Guidance.


  • We use Teachers2Parents text message and email service to communicate important messages such as school closure or a cancelled event.  This service is free to you when you receive the message.  Please make sure the office has your up-to-date details if you want to be contacted this way.


  • The school has an active PTA which always welcomes new members.