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Supporting your child at home



Here are some high frequency word sheets and flashcards used in school which you can print off for use at home.



Some of these resources may be useful as a way of giving your child extra support at home in a fun way!


Woodlands Junior School Kent website is packed full with excellent resources in many areas. Great for tables and maths games, sheets and practice.


Tutpup for maths (tables and number bonds at all levels) and spellings.


Topmarks covers most subject areas.


Primary Games for maths and maths and literacy.


Teaching Tables (subscription needed).


Play Kids Games general online educational games.


BBC Schools  has lots of ideas, such as typing (dancemat typing), bitesize, words and pictures, raw (ideas for developing reading and writing).


Phonics Play interactive games with letter sounds.


Direct Gov - Parents all aspects of parenting.


British Dyslexia Association information about dyslexia.  - long vowel sounds games for example. - speech and language help.


Googling "Maths Games" or "Spelling help" for example will bring up other suggestions.


These are companies with catalogues that we use in school to purchase resources, although we are of course not endorsing them! - literacy and numeracy. - puzzles and games to help with a wide range of Special Needs. - wide range of Special Needs. - literacy and numeracy. - wide range of visual resources for Special Needs. - wide range of Special Needs. - toys and games. - social, emotional, speech & language, motor, sensory, visual. - most special needs. - rewards. - multi-sensory learning. - literacy, memory, typing. - literacy and handwriting.  - maths. - speech and language. - for anything left handed!