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School Activities

Most Before and After-School Activities are run by professional external providers, with a charge to take part.  There may be a waiting list to join.


We send home letters with children of the relevant ages about all Before and After School Activities held at our school.

You can find letters sent out about Before and After-School activities in Clubs & Activities Letters.


Clubs and activities currently running before and after school (including contacts) are all listed below:



Gymnastics 3.35 - 4.40 pm in the Sports Hall. Y3/4.  Contact Kristie Kotylo on 07795 101343 for more details.

STEM Club 3.45 - 4.45pm in the craft room. Contact

START Club 3.45-4.45pm in the Green Room




Athletics Club 3.45 - 4.45pm in the Sports hall. Contact Janita Maaranen 07762 141950



Art Club 3.35 - 4.45 pm in the Green Room.  Contact Liz Wensley 07988 945277 for more details.

French Club 3.35 - 4.30 pm in the Art Room.  Contact Viviane Essex 07870346195 for more details.

Tennis Club 3.45 - 4.30pm in the Sports hall. Contact Jonathan Wragg email or phone Jessica Redfearn 07511032323



Art Club 3.35 - 4.45pm in the Green Room. Contact Liz Wensley 07988 945277 for more details.

Drama Club 4 - 5pm, 5 - 6pm  in the Sports Hall. Contact Nick Chadwin (Helen O'Grady Drama Academy) on 0114 255 9100 for more details. Or go to

Badminton. 11.45 am - 1.10 pm in the Sports Hall.  Contact Pete Ledbetter at



Tennis at Lunchtime.

Judo club 7.30-8.30am in the Sports Hall

Enrichment time has a choice of activities. Fencing, cross country, netball, dance, drama, problem solving, reading club and art.




This is run at school by a separate Ofsted registered charity and there is a charge for this service.

Contact Tammy Nelson on 07944 253118 for more details.