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Why PE and Sport?

This page aims to provide you with all the current research and information about why and how physical education, school sport and physical activity are vital in developing the whole child during their time at Nether Green Junior School.





Power of an Active School - Full Version

Are your pupils physical and emotionally healthy? Does this have an impact on their attainment and achievement? To find solutions and practical strategies jo...

Benefits of Quality Physical Education (QPE)

Putting the Quality in Physical EducationQuality Physical Education (QPE) represents active, inclusive, peer-led learning. A tailored QPE programme supports ...

Physical activity: Be a role model

As a parent, you set the example your children will follow. Getting out and being physically active is a great and fun way to spend time together as a family...

Run, Jump, Learn! How Exercise can Transform our Schools: John J. Ratey, MD at TEDxManhattanBeach

While exercise in good for the body, Dr. John J. Ratey, MD, argues it is more important for the brain, especially when it comes to students in the classroom...

5 Extra Years

Today's kids are the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents. What would you do with five more years?

Want Smarter, Healthier Kids? Try Physical Education! | Paul Zientarski | TEDxBend

Quality, daily physical education in schools not only reduces obesity amongst our children, but it improves academic performance. With more than 40 years in ...